Monday, January 5, 2015

The Truth About Ron 95

For more than 57 years UMNO has been running this country.During the time when Tun Tan Siew Sin was Finance Minister our Ringgit was one of the strongest currency,at par with Brunei and Singapore Dollars and stronger than the German Mark or Japanese Yen.

Who would have dreamed that our Ringgit would drop so drastically and is now equivalent to Singapore 0.38 cents.

As this writer rightly pointed out,we are rich in natural resources but alas we lacked competent leadership,the most crucial commodity for any progressive country.

I can't fathom how our people can be so naive as to believe that UMNO has run the country well.Have it never crossed their mind (not even an Oxford Graduate's) to ask where all our riches have gone?Continue giving UMNO the mandate and by 2020 our lowest currency will be the Thousand Ringgit Note.

Malaysia a Developed Nation by 2020???

We have been conned since oil was first found in this country.

The Truth About Ron 95 

The government has to stop its lies and bullshit. Everybody in the oil industry globally confirms one thing. Malaysia has the “sweetest” crude oil in the world. What this means is this, we produce the highest quality oil in the world. The best of the best. But the rakyat don’t see this. This is exported for other people in the world to use. Then Malaysia reimports low grade and low quality oil at a very cheap price for the rakyat to use. Dirty oil.

The question is this. Isn’t the beautiful sweet high grade quality oil Malaysia produces belong to the rakyat of Malaysia? Why sell it of at a higher price to other countries? The oil belongs to the rakyat of Malaysia. It should be given to the people of Malaysia first. Why import dirty and filthy oil and give the rakyat of Malaysia? Why are Malaysians treated like dogs and be given the bones when other people are given the nice flesh to eat?
Another issue is subsidy. There is no such thing of subsidy. The Government of Malaysia has been lying to Malaysians the past 20 years about subsidy. You see, what you produce, you cannot subsidise. If the government does not sell our high grade oil overseas and give it to Malaysians to use, what is there to subsidise?

This story has been going around a long time to fool the people of Malaysia, especially, the kampung people that petrol need to be subsidised. We don’t need to subsidise any petrol or fuel because Malaysia produces ample oil not only for its rakyat but also for export. So, if you produce your own oil, what is there to subsidise?

If you grow vegetables in your garden to eat, you cannot go around telling people that your vegetables are subsidised. You are growing it. You are producing it. You don’t have to buy it at all from an external source. The same with oil. We produce it. We should be using it first. This is how the Sultan of Brunei thinks. That is why he gives his rakyat very cheap fuel. Then the balance, he exports it at global prices. For him, rakyat comes first. he gives the rakyat clean and cheap oil because he cares.

Our government, terbalik. Rakyat comes last. And our oil resources are far more than Brunei. Few years ago, in the global media, Petronas struck the largest oil reserve and land in the world. Global media confirmed it was the largest oil reserve in the entire world. Then the next day, our government covered it up as mere speculation. So, in actual fact, Malaysia’s petrol company Petronas has unlimited reserves of oil for the next 50 yrs. Can we Malaysians please have the priority to get this fuel first for the rakyat cheaply?

We are abundant in oil and other resources.
Infact, Malayia is one of the richest countries in the world if not for a few people stealing the money that rightfully belong to 30 million people.
Malaysia is the most resource rich country in the world. We have everything. We have oil, gas, palm oil, besi, timah, kuprum, cobalt, getah, coconut, gold, silver and so many more others that cannot be listed.

Look at Singapore. It has ZERO. It has nothing. And yet it is the top 5 countries of the world and their GDP per capita is the 2nd highest in the world. Infact, their GDP per capita is 5x more than Malaysia. What this literally means is that, Singaporeans earn 5x more than the average Malaysian and their purchasing power is far far far more than Malaysia.
But how is this so? Singapore has ZERO. Malaysia is so rich. Our wealth is even richer than some European countries because Malaysia is the No 1 resource rich country in the world.

Why our ringgit is so low globally and our GDP per capita is one of the lowest in the world is simple. The UMNO ruling members are stealing. They are stealing so much that nothing is good enough for the thieves. These pencuri not just take few million, they each want in the hundreds of millions. This is the problem. Corruption but corruption tamak.

You see, most countries also got corrupted politicians. But they know when to stop. Malaysia, our politicians are not only corrupted but don’t know when to stop. Few million tak cukup! They want billions!

That is the main problem. Now, country is near bankruptcy. It is like the Philippines. In the 70s Philippines was the Pearl of the Orient. Everybody wanted to migrate there because it was so prosperous. Then for 20 years, Marcos (like UMNO) raped it. Now, see where Philippines is?

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