Ketua umum PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim hari ini mencabar Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak untuk berdebat untuk menentukan siapa mempunyai dasar ekonomi yang lebih baik untuk negara.

anwar and najib and budget malaysiaMenurut Anwar, adalah wajar bagi Najib menerima pelawaan berdebat kerana Najib sering-kali mempersoal dan memperlekehkan dasar Pakatan serta perangkaan ekonomi yang dikemukakan dalam rancangan 100 hari transformasi Pakatan Rakyat.

Katanya, serangan terbaru perdana menteri ke atas polisi Pakatan bukan sahaja tidak berasas malah polisi ekonomi yang diguna-pakai BN adalah punca hutang negara kini mencecah RM362.39 bilion atau 53.7 peratus daripada Keluaran Dalam Negara Kasar.

Anwar berkata dengan hanya menangani dua masalah - rasuah dan ketirisan serta memotong subsidi kepada pengeluar tenaga bebas (IPP) - Pakatan akan mampu menjimatkan negara RM51 bilion.


Ha...mohon maaf....berwibawa dan bukan kroni..hang fahamka datuk....aparaaa....

Shy Taib to Admit to Bride on Jan 15th

Shy Taib to Admit to Bride on Jan 15th

Sunday, January 9th, 2011 GMT

Not the Grandad, but the Groom - prepare for something a little more flattering with the official photos next week

Why should the marriage of a Head of State be treated as a whispered secret? We can now confirm that at last there will be an official recognition of the fact the Abdul Taib Mahmud has taken a new wife with an event in Kuching on Saturday 15th of this month.

Presumably, it will be on this occasion that the Chief Minister will finally announce the name, true age and identity of the lucky lady? Meanwhile, Sarawak Report feels obliged to issue previously unseen pictures that can prove to a bewildered public that the actual wedding has indeed already taken place and that Taib is indeed a married man once more.

Not the grandad but the groom

The couple, seen here in our exclusive picture, are both dressed in white, having just been married. We can confirm that the gentleman, who is somewhat dwarfed by his much younger new wife, is the groom and not an elderly relative.

It may seem ridiculous that the proven marital status of Sarawak’s Chief Minister has still failed to be formally announced. However perhaps the couple were in a hurry? Indeed, Taib’s failure so far to officially present and acknowledge his wife in the normal fashion has made it inevitable that people have been left speculating over the speed and secrecy of this event. Is a fifth potential heir to arrive for the lucky family sooner rather than later? Or was the lightning marriage designed to quash unhealthy rumours (or worse, evidence) of an existing relationship?

Poor PR?

Taib acts the paternal figure at another wedding of a lady older than his new wife today - the daugher of Jabu his deputy

Indeed, there have been numerous marital scandals associated with the Mahmud family, which Taib has fought hard to quash and there would be no desire to add to any of them on the brink of the election. So why such a grave mishandling of PR by Taib and BN by this displaying of all the hallmarks of an emergency wedding?

Worse, it has been followed by a lengthy period of silence with no official confirmation of the situation, giving the appearance that the actors in the affair have been working behind the scenes on how to best present the matter. A wedding should be treated as a public celebration and not a secret scandal, so why has the Chief Minister not managed the affair more skillfully to avoid such an unfortunate style of presentation?

In a country with a free press Taib would not have had a restful New Year’s break, after such a slack management of his PR. Yet, in fact it is understood that he and his young new wife were able to fly off on their holidays and enjoy another marriage ceremony nearer her home, in Syria in the Middle East.

How many years younger than Jabu's daughter is Taib's new bride? Maybe we will find out next weekend?

CM, wife centre of attraction at wedding reception/Pengantin baru Taib Mahmud di raikan

KUALA LUMPUR: Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and wife Puan Sri Ragad Waleed Alkurdi were special guests at the wedding of Muhammad Hanis and Natasha Ishak in Subang Jaya on Saturday.

PLEASANT SURPRISE: Taib and Ragad Waleed being welcomed by Wahab (right) and Badriah to the wedding reception. — Photo by Jeffery Mostapa

Muhammad, a university lecturer, is the son of former Batang Sadong MP Datuk Wahab Suhaili and Datin Badriah Ismail, while Natasha is the daughter of Datuk Ishak Amin and Datin Amrah Khasbullah from Johor.

Taib and Ragad Waleed arrived at the Grand Dorsett Subang at about 8.30pm, much to the pleasant surprise of the distinguished guests present.

Taib was clad in a purple baju melayu, while Ragad Waleed, who is from Syria, looked resplendent in a baju kurung.

Among the VVIPs from Sarawak were Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovations Datuk Fadillah Yusof, Batang Sadong MP Nancy Shukri and Regional Corridor Development Authority (Recoda) chief executive officer Datuk Amar Wilson Baya Dandot.

Apart from performing the ‘tepung tawar’ on the wedded couple, Taib and Ragad Waleed were also given the honour to cut a wedding cake to commemorate their own marriage in Kuching last month.

Taib and Ragad Waleed are expected to hold a wedding reception sometime in the middle of this month.

Although no official announcement has yet been made, it is believed that it would be held at the new State Legislative Assembly complex.

This is Taib’s second marriage.

The Chief Minister and the late Puan Sri Datuk Amar Laila were married in 1959 and have four children.

Laila passed away in April, 2009.


Kisah amah yang mengaku tidak di liwat...Pandai juga soalan dan banyak juga makan modal ni...

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