PERMATANG PAUH 31 OKT-Lawatan kerja YB Hamdan ke tapak projek di bawah KADUN Permatang Pasir pagi tadi bersama beberapa pihak termasuk dari pejabat Daerah SPT dan juga dari Jabatan kebajikan Masyarakat SPT untuk memastikan projek dan bantuan yang disalurkan dibina mengikut jadual yang telah di tetapkan disamping memastikan mutu dan kualiti kerja yang diamanahkan dapat di jalankan dengan sebaik mungkin.
Lawatan ini adalah siri beberapa lagi lawatan kerja di bawah KADUN Permatang Pasir yang akan di teruskan dari masa ke masa untuk memberi perkhidmatan kepada rakyat di bawah KADUN Permatang pasir dibawah Parlimen Permatang Pauh.


Projek di Permatang Pasir dimana pembinaan tar jalan kampung dikawasan kampung Permatang Pasir mukim 3 .Projek yang sedang dalam pembinaan di mana hampir 60% siap .Lawatan dilakukan bersama wakil kampung.

Lawatan ke tapak projek di kampung Cross Street 2 Bukit Mertajam iaitu dimana penurapan jalan tar yang telah rosak teruk telah siap dilaksanakan.Lawatan adalah bagi memastikan projek berjalan sebagaimana ikut jadual. Lawatan ini di wakili JKKK dan wakil dari Pejabat Daerah SPT.

Membina "Owning" di surau Hj Putih Sg Semambu Mukim 5.Pembinaan ini telah siap di bina. Lawatan ini turut disertai oleh wakil pejabat Daerah SPT.
Lawatan ke kawasan pembinaan dimana pembinaan jalan tar di atas tebing "BAN" atau taliair di Kampung Pelet.Jalan yang telah rosak telah di turap dengan tar yang baru.Lawatan ini turut disertai Pengerusi JKKK Kampung Pelet.

Lawatan ke rumah seorang ibu tunggal yang merupakan seorang penyokong UMNO tegar di kawasan Permatang Pauh .Pn Patimah Binti Hassan yang mempunyai pendapatan sebagai seorang pengasuh dimana mempunyai pendapatan sebanyak RM200 sebulan dan berasal dari kampung Kota Permatang Pauh.Lawatan YB Hamdan bersama Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat untuk membantu beliau sepatutnya.


PERMATANG PAUH 31 Oktober- Satu majlis penyampaian sumbangan kepada bakal-bakal jemaah haji telah berlangsung di pusat khidmat Sg Semambu petang tadi. Majlis penyampaian sumbangan dari DSAI dan DSWA diberikan kepada 106 bakal jemaah haji pada tahun ini.

Sumbangan sejadah, kain telekung dan ihram itu disampaikan oleh Dato Zahrain sebagai mewakili DSAI dan DSWA .Selama ini sejak 1988 sejak Anwar terpenjara sumbangan ini di sampaikan oleh Wan Azizah yang menjadi wakil rakyat selama 2 penggal sebelum diwakili oleh Dato Seri Anwar .

Dalam ucapannya Dato Zahrain menyampaikan salam dari DSAI dan DSWA yang tidak dapat hadir kerana bertolak keluar negara atas urusan kerja.Beliau juga menyeru bakal haji agar berdoa di tanah suci agar negara dapat di perintah oleh pimpinan yang baik dan dapat menyelamatkan negara dari kancah kemelesetan ekonomi.


Permatang Pauh- YB Hamdan mula turun padang lagi. Kali ini beliau menyampaikan sumbangan kepada persatuan masyarakat Tionghua di kawasan dan tempat ibadat masing -masing.

Di Kampung Croos Streeet 2 bukit Mertajam, dimana UPU keseluruhannnya seramai 2000, telah dimenangi oleh YB Hamdan sebanyak 1800 undi dari masyarakat kaum Tionghua.
Sementara itu di kawasan Permatang Pasir pada petang tadi 31 Oktober pemberian kerusi juga diberikan kepada Persatuan Kebajikan Tabung Yee Ran Bukit Merah berdekatan Permatang Pasir.

YB Sim Tze Tzin's Press Release 31/10/2008

Dear Editors,

I would like to release a press statement on the Assemblyman State Allocation Spending. This is an effort to incorporate the spirit of Transparency and Accountability.The whole press release is as below. An Excel file and pie chart are also attached for the detail analysis of the spending.Thank you.

Press Release from The Office of YB Sim Tze Tzin, State Assemblyman of Pantai Jerejak.

For Immediate release

31th October 2008 : Pantai Jerejak ; Penang

YB Sim Tze Tzin, State Assemblyman of Pantai Jerejak has allocated all the Constituency budget to the constituents. The allocation is divided to four categories, Infrastructure (61 %), community activity (9%), Educational / Books (9 %), Supplies (20%). The ultimate objective of this allocation is to create a holistic improvement of the living quality in Pantai Jerejak.

Allocation to Infrastructure ranks the highest at 61 %, total amount RM 61200, this allocation are mainly spent on drainage system, that amounting to RM 20,000 where by drains will be built at Kg. Sg. Nibong Tengah & Kg. Sg. Nibong Kecil because the two areas in DUN Pantai Jerejak are the most flood prone areas, due to imbalance development of the surrounding especially at Bukit Jambul, where rain water fails to be absorbed into the ground but flows directly into the low lying village of Kg. Sg. Nibong Tengah & Kecil.

Another RM9400 is spent on installing lights around Jalan Tengah Flats and Sri Nibong Housing area, due to the rising number of robbery and snatch thief cases.The spotlight will light up the whole area and make it safer for the residents. According to the Chairman of Taman Sri Nibong Me Michael Yong, more than six robbery cases has occurred in June alone, he said "People are terrified, and dare not come out even in the evening" .

YB Sim believes that prevention is better than cure, and he is using the concept of "Fighting Crime through Environmental Design". Thus, he has come out with this idea to deter criminals. When the areas are well lit, it will deter criminal.Another RM 20000 is spent on constructing walkways of Jalan Pantai Jerejak 13 opposite the padang. YB Sim wants to fufill his election pledge for the residents there who complained to him about the bad walkway pavement conditions when he was campaining during the 12th General Election. He also would like to thank the voters there by doing something meaningful to them. The second highest spending is on "Community Supplies" at 20%, RM 20100, the money is allocated to purchase necessities and utensils for Resident Associations, Sport Clubs, Suraus, Churches and Temples.

Pantai Jerejak being one of the most well developed area of Penang in the aspect of, commerce and technology, the spiritual and community aspect of society need the same amount of attention as well. The supplies to these organizations will help them to organize basic community activities and further improve community development.It is noted that YB Sim has spent substantial amount of money on "Educational and Knowledge Development" . A total of RM 9400 equaivalent of 9% were spent on buying books for the Bayan Baru Market MPPP Library. This is considering a major agenda of YB Sim to create a "reading and knowledge community". Education can help uplift society from poverty. Pantai Jerejak, despite being known as an affluent area city, is also home to one of the biggest urban pioneers colony, where by they live in very poor and deprived condition.

Thus YB Sim hopes that with new books given to the library which is only walking distance from their homes, the education of these children will not be deprived. He also hope that, by providing books and creating a reading environment, the community will improve and become a knowledge community and eventually become an intellectual and educated community.A comprehensive selections of text books, magazines, book of general knowledge and literature will be supplied to the libraries. YB Sim plans to allocate more and more books to the entire constituent for years to come.

-- Sim Tze TzinADUN Pantai JerejakState Assemblyman of Penang22,
Jalan Talipon,10400 Georgetown,

PenangTel: +6019 443 2088Fax: 04-2260633


Khairy wants debate, Mukhriz says no

THE scathing criticisms on Khairy Jamaluddin and Mukhriz Mahathir by supporters from opposing camps in the past weeks were just the appetisers.
Now that these two have garnered the required votes to challenge for the Umno Youth Chief leadership, the real battle has begun.
The Son in Law-look more indipendent

Though a third candidate has qualified - former Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo - he doesn't seem to be in the firing line of the other two.

The first salvo came from Mr Khairy, otherwise known as PM Abdullah Badawi's son-in-law.
Predictably, he took aim at his arch rival, Mr Mukhriz, a Jerlun MP and Dr Mahathir Mohamad's son.
On Monday, he poured scorn on Mr Mukhriz, 44, who turned him down for a public debate.
Mr Khairy, the current Umno Youth deputy chief, told Bernama the debate was not for quarrelling.
He insisted it was to provide an avenue for those who qualified for the post to explain their vision.
Said the Rembau MP: 'I am disappointed that Mukhriz is not interested in having an open debate.
'He has made up his mind and there is no point talking about him now,' he told New Straits Times.
'The candidates will only be debating, not tearing each other down. We will debate like gentlemen on issues, facts and opinions. There will be no personal attacks.'
Only Dr Khir has agreed to participate.
It is understandable to see why this debate is important to Mr Khairy.
The one-time 'most powerful 28-year-old' became the underdog because by Sunday, Dr Khir who had been languishing in third place, had not only closed the gap between the top two, but had caught up with Mr Khairy, said The Star.
Daddy Son

Mr Mukhriz has surged ahead with 67 nominations, with Dr Khir and Mr Khairy bagging 47 nominations each.
And Mr Mukhriz's seemingly unstoppable surge in the nominations race for the Umno Youth leadership prompted The Star to describe him as 'some sort of Michael Phelps - unbeatable - as they said of the swimming star during the Beijing Olympics'.
Spurning Mr Khairy's invitation, he told NST it was not suitable for candidates to raise party matters out in the open via a public debate.

Said Mr Mukhriz: 'Contesting posts in a party is an internal matter. This is like a family contest. It is not necessary to draw external attention.
'A public debate will only undermine efforts to strengthen the party, especially if the issues brought up are sensationalised by the opposition.'
Well, he has reason to be confident. Umno delegates reportedly cheered when his name was mentioned for candidacy while Mr Khairy's name was met with 'boos'.
Still, if well executed, such a debate could be Mr Khairy's ace card of charming the masses and trouncing his arch rival. It would be, as he said, a chance for him and others to 'know what their leaders' stands, ideas and abilities are'.

Like boxing match

Already, Malaysian newspapers have likened this battle to a verbal boxing match.
The Malay Mail referred to it as 'games' with set 'rules' and 'players' who have passed the 'preliminary rounds'.
It said Mr Mukhriz goes in with a clear-cut 'brave enough to change' tagline, while Khairy is standing behing the tag of a leader for all Malaysian youths. Dr Khir's stand is a bit unclear but going by what he has been doing, he seems to be going on a broader platform of 'anything and everything goes'.

So aggressive is Mr Khairy in getting a debate going, you might be forgiven to think a real punch-up was about to take place.

For example, responding to a question of whether this debate would be taped or televised, he said: 'I am open to anything. I just want to know the time, date and venue and I'll come.'
He rated his chances as 'okay.', adding that he 'look(s) forward to campaigning hard'.
The debate idea drew mixed reactions from Umno supreme council members.
Supporting it, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar, even suggested it be implemented for those eyeing senior positions like the Umno deputy presidency, Wanita, Youth and Puteri chief posts.
Throwing caution, Datuk Shahidan Kassim stressed that it should be done behind closed doors 'for Umno members in a family spirit'.

Whatever the case, Mr Mukhriz should not be smiling yet. Some delegates fear the long campaign period to the March elections could be marred by money politics and dirty tactics - the end result could be vastly different.

What about Mr Khairy?

As far as PAS-owned Harakah newspaper is concerned, the end of PM Abdullah's reign will weaken Mr Khairy's influence.
In its commentary, it said: '..those who reign should not forget, that however powerful one may be now, however slick one's politics are, it is best to remember the saying, sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga (even the squirrel who is an expert jumper can fall to the ground).'

Malaysia's Anwar demands investigation into Eurocopter dealBy Channel NewsAsia's

Melissa Goh Posted: 30 October 2008 0058 hrs

Msia's Anwar demands investigation into govt's plans to buy helicopters

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's opposition, led by Anwar Ibrahim, is demanding an investigation into the defence ministry's plans to buy several helicopters. He is asking for a royal commission to be set up. Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi announced on Tuesday that the purchase of 12 helicopters from Eurocopter would be deferred to 2011.


His government is reprioritising its spending amid the global financial crisis. Speaking in parliament on Wednesday, the opposition said there were irregularities in the defence procurement. They also pressed for an emergency motion to discuss the US$470 million purchase, which they claimed was way above the market average. Lim Kit Siang, Opposition, Democratic Action Party (DAP), said: "It must be a shotgun deal because the letter of intent must have been issued early this month after the announcement by Pak Lah of approval and maybe in less than two weeks, you have this cancellation. Something seems to be very extraordinary."

The opposition is holding Deputy Prime Minster Najib Razak responsible. The letter of intent to purchase the 12 cougar helicopters was issued to Eurocopter two days before he switched defence portfolio with the prime minister last month. But the public accounts committee, which began its investigation into alleged impropriety, said everything had been done in an orderly fashion. Azmi Khalid, chairman, Public Accounts Committee, said: "Up to now, the technicalities from what we saw were not professionally done, but I'm not going to comment."

Mr Najib who is now the Finance Minister maintains that the purchase was necessary to replace the ageing fleet of Nuri helicopters. He has proposed extending the repayment period with Eurocopter instead of deferring the purchase. Meanwhile the supplier Eurocopter, which is a wholly-owned division of European Aeronautic Defence and Space, is optimistic about the deal. It maintained that negotiation is still ongoing, despite the latest controversy plaguing the sale. - CNA/vm


OLEH : Amiruddin Ahmad

Majlis sambutan Aidil fitri dan sumbangan hari raya dan Deepavali AMK Permatang Pauh telah di adakan pada 22 Oktober baru-baru ini di KADUN Seberang Jaya.Majlis yang diadakan bermula jam 8 malam tersebut dan berakhir sekitar jam 11.00 malam dihadiri oleh berbagai kaum dan juga bekas calon KADUN seberang jaya PKR Sdr Ramli bin Bulat,Timbalan Ketua wanita Hjh Che Wa,Ahli Majlis Sdr Johari Kassim dan juga timbalan ketua bahagian Che Mat Hashim ,orang ramai dan penyokong parti.

Hampir 79 hamper sumbangan pihak-pihak tertentu untuk di berikan kepada masyarakat perbagai kaum terutamanya kaum India sempena hari Deepavali dan juga sumbangan dan bantuan kepada seorang kanak-kanak istimewa serta penduduk daif yang buta telah disampaikan bagi membantu golongan ini.

Berbagai juadah seperti nasi impit,nasi kandar dan juga bihun sup disediakan.majlis juga di serikan dengan persembahan kanak-kanak dari kompulan “comel’ kanak-kanak tadika dan kanak-kanak sekolah dari kampong Permatang Tengah dengan lagu-lagu hari raya,nyanyian dari adik Syafik, persembahan solo dari adik Mohamad Azhar dari kampong Kuala Mengkuang dan juga dari adik Nisa dan Najihah dari kampong Permatang Tengah.

Sumbangan dan bantuan telah diusahakan terhadap Pn Rosidah binti Mohd Sidek dimana anaknya Nureliani 11 tahun ,mengalami masalaah lumpuh sejak lahir.Menurut Pn Rosidah lagi , pihak ADUN Arif Syah (UMNO) tidak pernah mengambil tahu akan keadaan beliau selama ini, sehinggalah pihak AMK datang berjumpa dan berusaha mendapatkan bantuan yang sewajarnya.Sehingga kini beliau menerima hanya RM250 dari Jabatan kebajikan Masyarakat dan pihak AMK akan berusaha melalui beberapa pihak lain terutamanya pihak PUZ.

Menurut Sdr Amir Ghazali”Pihak AMK akan mengambil keluarga ini sebagai anak angkat AMK Permatang Pauh kerana mendapati bahawa mereka memang benar-benar susah dan terpaksa membelanjakan hampir RM1000 sebulan bagi keperluan pampers dan susu khas untuk adik Nur Ilyani ini,malah suami beliau terpaksa bekerja syif malam bagi menampung keperluan dan sebagai buruh kilang ,mereka tidak mampu” demikian jelas Sdr Amir lagi.

Pihak AMK Permatang Pauh juga memohon jasa baik pihak Suara Keadilan dan mana-mana pihak yang tertentu yang berkewajipan dan mampu agar dapat tampil ke hadapan membantu keluarga ini dimana nombor akaun khas telah di buka di atas nama 0718003439524 CIMB dan talian nombor telefon 04-3987318 adik Noreliani

Selain dari itu juga pihak AMK juga menemui Sdr Daud bin Ahmad 43 seorang OKU yang buta dan tinggal di flat berdekatan jalan Tenggiri dimana rumah beliau yang disewakan oleh PDC secara percuma kepada beliau .Namun rumahnya tidak mempunyai elektrik dan juga bekalan air kerana tidak mampu membayarnya.Beliau yang bekerja di market Seberang Jaya hanya mendapat upah yang sesuai dengan kebolehannya dan cukup untuk makan minum.

”Pihak AMK Permatang pauh juga mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada pihak-pihak yang membantu dengan memberi sumbangan untuk di berikan kepada fakir dan golongan yang memerlukan”.Demikian jelas Sdr Amir Ghazali selaku Ketua AMK Permatang Pauh.


Title: Women in the Eyes of God-where do they stand?
Date: 1 November 2008
Time: 2.00 p.m – 5.30 p.m
Venue: Hotel Sri Malaysia
Participant : Open to public - free admission

2.00 pm - 2.15pm - Registration of the participant

2.15pm- 2.20pm - Opening remark – Head of Women Committee JIM Penang
2.20pm – 2.30pm - Welcome speech from Women Head Committee JIM Penang
2.30pm – 2.40pm - Official opening YB PN ONG KOK FOI
Belia & Sukan ,Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga & Komuniti
2.40pm – 2.50pm - Multimedia Presentation by Women Committee JIM Penang

Dialogue Session
Moderator –PM Dr. Munirah Ghazali ,
Speaker from Buddhism, Hindhusim, Christian ,
Muslim View - Head of Women Committee JIM - Dr Harlina Siraj

2.50pm – 3.00pm : Introduction by Moderator -P.M Dr. Munirah
3.00pm -3.20pm : Speaker Representative from Christian-YOUNG WOMEN CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION
3.20pm- 3.40pm : Speaker Representative from Hindhusim- MALAYSIAN HINDHU SANGAM
3.40pm—4.00pm : Speaker Representative from Buddhism- MALAYSIAN BUDDHIST ASSOCIATION
4.00pm – 4.20pm : Speaker Muslim View - Head of Women Committee JIM - Dr Harlina Siraj

4..20pm- 5.10pm : Q & A session

5.10pm - 5.20pm : Closing remark by Moderator
5.20pm : Closing programme & Honorarium & Tea break .

Contact person : Puan Fauziah Abdullah – 0134384221, Puan Wan Nadiah - 0134883619, Cik Ramlah -0164222142.

We refer to the above matter.
2. In a multicultural and multi religious country like Malaysia, it is paramount that general issues like the women issues which traverse across boundaries of religions, ethnicity and culture be understood in order to prevent further misunderstanding and chaos. These issues such as violence against women, sexual crimes, honor killing and marital conflicts have been discussed time and time again from various perspectives. The women’s committee from Pertubuhan Jamaah Islah Malaysia (JIM), an Islamic NGO, is organizing a dialogue session on women and religion to further explore these issues from the perspectives of the major religions in this country.
3. This invitation is also extended to the members of your association as participants in that dialogue (a minimum 20 person would be most welcome). We would also appreciate your prompt reply.
Thank you for your cooperation. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries. Herewith we enclosed tentative programme.
Thank you,
Programme Coordinator


OLEH: Amiruddin Ahmad

Pada 25 Oktober baru-baru ini Ahli Parlimen Permatang Pauh merangkap ketua pembangkang telah mengadakan lawatan kerja ke parlimen Permatang Pauh untuk bertemu berbagai golongan masyarakat dan juga mengadakan kenduri serta menghadiri kenduri penduduk tempatan.

Beliau sempat menghadiri dua buah kenduri di kampong Bukit Indera Muda di rumah saudara Malik dan juga kenduri di rumah saudara Johari Zakaria di kampong Sungai Memambu.

Sementara itu dalam satu program yang lain DSAI juga sudi menderma kepada golongan fakir sebanyak RM100 kepada 108 individu dan juga memberikan sebanyak 30 eklor kambing iaitu 15 ekor kepada parlimen Permatang Pauh dan 15ekor kepada parlimen Bukit Mertajam dan mengadakan kenduri di kampong Juru yang diwakili oleh Dato Zahrain yang juga Pengerusi Perhubungan PKR negeri.

Anwar juga sudi menyerahkan duit bantuan kepada fakir miskin dan hamper bersama TKM1 YB Mohd Pulau Pinang Fairus Khairuddin di Kampung Permatang Rawa dan juga di banggunan Yayasan Aman.

Sementara itu, di banggunan Yayasan Aman pula dalam hari yang sama disebelah petangnya , satu majlis perjumpaan dengan kaum India dimana hamper 60 individu kaum India menerima hamper oleh ADUN Penanti dan juga TKM1 YB Fairus Khairuddin dan perjumpaan bersama Dato Seri Anwar dengan maysrakat kaum India dibawah parlimen Permatang Pauh dan ADUN Penanti. Dalam pertemuan tersebut, masyarakat India melahirkan rasa terima kasih kerana dalam masa 51 tahun inilah mereka di terima sebagai ahli dalam sesebuah masyarakat dan merasa dihargai dimana hamper yang diberikan ini tidak sama nilai dengan penghormatan yang diberikan , demikian jelas saudara Sivamaniam jurucakap kaum India di ADUN Penanti

Sementara itu untuk mengetahui nasib masyarakat kaum India merayakan deepavali dan bertanya khabar dengan mereka ,untuk mengetahui kenapa mereka di pinggirkan , dan dalam pertemuan dengan masyarakat kaum India , melahirkan rasa gembira kerana di terima dan menyatakan MIC langsung tidak mengindahkan mereka dimana hanya datang untuk bertanya khabar menjelang pilihanraya kemudiannya berlalu pergi.Mereka juga menyatakan bahawa dahulunya mereka percayakan MIC dan propaganda mereka dan tidak mahu menerima pembangkang kerana MIC tidak akan memberi bantuan, kini mereka mula sedar.
Wartawan sempat bertemu dengan beberapa responden di luar banggunan Yayasan Aman untuk bertanya khabar sebelum pertemuan dengan Ahli palimen Permatang Pauh .Masyarakat India merupakan 16% pengundi di parlimen Permatang Pauh.

Mageswary 32, tinggal di kampong Kubang Ulu . berkerja sebagai perkerja kilang getah.Menurut Mageswary “Anwar suka tolong orang susah ,beliau tengok orang miskin dan suka tolong” .Ini adalah kali pertama beliau menerima hadiah hari raya dan mempunyai 5 orang anak, sementara 4 lagi masih bersekolah.Beliau rasa gembira kerana mula merasakan diri diterima.”MIC ada datang, tapi tengok sana sini,janji mau kasi bantuan sampai sekarang tarak mari”, demikian jelas Mageswary lagi.

Amarativa A/p Machimuthu 44 , beliau tinggal di kampong Kubang Ulu “MIC tak pernah datang, malah ada janji tapi tak pernah bagi,janji nak bagi bumbung pun tak bagi, selama ini tak pernah siapa pun yang bagi ”demikian jelas Amaathiba lagi dimana beliau kesal dengan sesetngah pemimpin MIC yang tidak datang setelah membuat janji untuk membantu kaum India.

Kalimuthu a/l Jonamthu 85, menjelaskan bahawa inilah pertama kali menerima bantuan dan menjelaskan MIC tidak pernah memberi “walau sikit tapi ini amat seronok,saya sudah lama di sini namun inilah kali pertama dan seronok.MIC tak pernah kasi apa pun”, demikian jelas Encik Kalimuthu lagi yang tinggal di pekan Penanti

Sombhu Ramasamy 58, beliau tidak mahu tinggal di rumah kebajikan.Beliau mangsa kebakaran yang menumpang di merata tempat kerana mengalami kebakaran rumah.Kali ini beliau akan menyambut Deepavali dirumah adik beliau di Kulim.Kebakaran rumah beliau menyebabkan tuan tanah tidak mahu membenarkan lagi beliau membina rumah.Kini beliau menumpang di merata tempat dan mendapat bantuan sebanyak RM300 dari Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat.

Jenama Umno Hebat Tapi Jurujual Tak Kuat

  DARI FB wall A Kadir Jasin... freemalaysiatoday.com Kumpulan mesra PPBM dalam Umno mahu singkir Zahid? Beberapa ‘tokoh besar’ dikatakan be...