Monday, February 1, 2010

Press statement by YB Chong Eng

Press statement by YB Chong Eng

Bukit Mertajam | 010210

The recent criticism of certain state PKR leaders towards Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was more political than substantial. It has malicious elements pointing to the possibility of coup against the elected Pakatan Rakyat State Government, just like what happened in Perak and what we are seeing in Selangor.

This is a sign that Pakatan Rakyat has matured and is beginning to be felt as a threat more and more for our opponents.

In the past two years of Pakatan Rakyat-rule in Penang, many reforms have been initiated which benefits the people as a whole. Allegations that the Malays community have been marginalized were totally unfounded and the people of Penang, including the Malay community can see for themselves Pakatan Rakyat's commitment towards eradicating poverty and socializing the economy of the State for the benefits of all, regardless of race, religion and gender.

It has been pointed out more than once that when PR took over the State administration, annual financial allocations from the State were given out for the first time to religious schools and the salary of religious teachers were increased. The State Government has also been spearheading the project of turning Penang into an international halal hub, thus not only strengthening the value of our products and services and increases income, but also put Penang on the map of the Islamic world.

When the critics could not fault the State Government for abuse and mismanagement, they turned to personal attack on the Chief Minister himself. Some kept harping on the fact that Lim Guan Eng is not a native Penangites and therefore should not lead the State. This is quite irrational given the fact that in a globalized world, organizations rope in capable people from around the world to lead them. We, In a democracy, we want the best person to lead us and Penangites have spoken in the 308 General Election that they wanted Pakatan Rakyat and Lim Guan Eng.

Critics including those from Barisan Nasional should be aware that there is no point politicking at this moment. Honour the mandate of the Rakyat and let democracy play out its due process. We must be able to present ourselves as the choice of the Rakyat not through illegitimate coup and other underhanded tactics, but rather through our performance in administrating the State and prospering the economy. Then we compete in a democratic election.

Given the fact that both Wanita PKR and AMK have come forward to criticized the malignant PKR leaders and expressed support for the CM and State Government, this is not a quarrel between Pakatan Rakyat component parties. This is an unfortunate rebellion by a few leaders who were still dancing to the tune of the old politics of race, threat and fear.

Chong Eng
Chairperson, Bkt Mertajam DAP Parliamentary Liaison Committee

Deputy Secretary-General, DAP National

Chairperson, DAP Wanita

h/p: 012-4286629

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