Saturday, October 18, 2014

New pro-reform Malaysian student movement in Australia - Malaysian Progressives

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Dear Malaysians,

Malaysian Progressives in Australia (“MPOZ”) is a newly formed movement of young Malaysians
based overseas, striving to spread and encourage crucial political reform among young Malaysians
overseas. We aspire for progressive improvement to the current state of our home country.
As Malaysia continues to be engulfed with socio-political uncertainties, we find that the role of young

Malaysians overseas becomes increasingly important to the country's future development. With the
swelling number of Malaysian students overseas now, the voice of young Malaysians overseas needs
to be acknowledged.

To address this, we adopt a pro-reform stand to provide a platform for young Malaysians overseas to
fill the void left by existing overseas Malaysian student groups. We strive to consolidate the
geographically-scattered voices of young Malaysians overseas and transform them into one coherent
voice, the voice of progressive young Malaysians.

To this end, we seek to provide a channel for progressive thinking Malaysians, irrespective of race,
religion, age, gender or political inclination to partake in the struggle for a better future for everyone in Malaysia.

We aim to raise awareness on issues pertaining to the state of current affairs in Malaysia and propose
solutions. We expect this would involve engaging and collaborating with like-minded individuals,
organisations, civil rights advocates and politicians to learn and partake in the struggle for a better
future for everyone in Malaysia.

Our inaugural event as chance would have it is to host an entourage of Malaysian MPs, ADUNs and
civil rights advocates visiting Australia. The entourage of MPs and ADUNs will be visiting major
Australian cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide.
The entourage includes Rafizi Ramli (MP), Nik Nazmi Ahmad (State Exco), Sim Tze Tzin (MP), Lee Chean Chung (ADUN) and Melissa Sasidaran (Human Rights Lawyer).

MPOZ delegates in each of these cities will be hosting the visiting MPs and ADUNs, who will be
meeting the Malaysian Diaspora in each city through a series of events which are open to the public
including forums, lectures and town hall meetings.

For further information, please follow us on facebook-
It would be highly encouraging to us if you could spread word of our initiatives and you showed us yoursupport through facebook likes. This helps demonstrate to those opposed to our formation, that there is a desire for progressive thinkers among young Malaysians.

Thanks in advance.
Warm Regards,
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