Friday, June 20, 2014

If Khalid Ibrahim stays on as MB, Pakatan may lose Selangor

If Khalid Ibrahim stays on as MB, Pakatan may lose Selangor

There was an article written which says only Khalid can sack Khalid as MB. This is because the King has power to appoint but not sack Khalid as PM. Unless of course, the house (in this case) the DUN Selangor passes a vote of no confidence to Khalid.
This is what the DUN must apply its mind to next, if push comes to shove. If Khalid refuses to resign, the house must pass a vote of no confidence. The permutations involving UMNO and BN are not relevant. its PR vs. BN.
if BN lends its support to Khalid, then that can be taken as a sign that all this while Khalid, the consummate deal maker that he is, has something worked out with UMNO.
If a vote of no -confidence is carried out initiated by PKR, it isn’t a good and nice thing to do. PKR will be seen in a bad light; after having chosen your man for the MB’s job, PKR reverses and humiliates its own man by way of a vote of no confidence.
In my mind, PKR must first set its house in order. The rancorous party elections notwithstanding, if Khalid loses, he must resign. This is because he no longer enjoys the confidence of a majority of the party members. He should be intelligent enough and principled enough to do the correct thing. Khalid may say party position is not the same as MB’s position.  He must recognise that he derives legitimacy from the fact it is the party that nominated him as MB. Once he loses their confidence that is the same as being asked in a nice and dignified way to resign.
I hope Khalid would not want to go through such and ignominious exit. He should do the gentlemanly thing. If PKR asks him to resign, as a matter of moral principle he should step down.
I have sat down with Khalid for an interview. I have formed a negative impression about Khalid from that interview. I concede that my impression is not relevant in Khalid’s view. He came out as a person who doesn't care about the opinion of others. But he has portrayed himself as a man who attaches a high premium to principles. Because of that, he should therefore quit his job when his party asks him to.
 It is up the PKR’s Mursyidul am- Anwar Ibrahim to enforce some discipline. Although Anwar may say he is only an advisor, everyone knows he is the de facto leader of PKR. Otherwise, what are we (the other partners in Pakatan Rakyat) doing with a leader with no substance?
How UMNO and BN with 12 seats wish to manipulate their  position or to align themselves in any permutations is irrelevant. The fact is: PR has 44 seats. PR must act as one- pass a vote of no confidence. Even if the speaker cannot vote, plus Khalid and BN’s 12 votes, PR has still got 42 votes supporting the vote of no confidence.  
If Azmin, the expected winner of the deputy president’s post is also not acceptable, it is impossible that there is no one else who can become MB. There must be someone with some credibility, a Selangorian and who has position in PKR. Looking back at Khalid, I have not seen a sitting MB abandoning his existing seat to move elsewhere. That must be an indication he does not even enjoy support in the previous constituency.
The man who replaced him and was not even expected to win but finally did is a person worth considering as the next Pakatan MB. I believed Khalid’s replacement at the Ijok constituency is a well-known doctor who would make a good MB. He is a Selangorian and holds leadership position in PKR.  Why doesn’t PKR consider him as a compromised MB candidate?
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