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Anwar as the Selangor MB?

Anwar as the Selangor MB?

Raja Petra says that Anwar will contest in a state by-election to allow him to assume to the top post.

PETALING JAYA: Plans are afoot within PKR to make the party’s de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim as the new Selangor Menteri Besar to replace the embattled Khalid Ibrahim.

 This move is expected to solve the power struggle between Khalid and his nemesis Azmin Ali, who is the state PKR chief.

Popular blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, in his latest posting in Malaysia-Today, said that negotiations were ongoing to make Anwar the Menteri Besar so that neither Khalid nor Azmin gets the job.
According to Raja Petra, he was informed that DAP and PAS have agreed that Khalid be removed as MB, as the PKR Supreme Council is demanding.

“But they do not want Azmin Ali to replace Khalid,” he added.
He said that under the plan that was being worked out, a PKR state rep would quit his seat to allow Anwar to contest for the seat in a by-election.

“And if Anwar wins the by-election, Anwar would take over as Menteri Besar,” he further said.
“To sack Khalid and replace him with Azmin is no-go. Not to sack Khalid would mean the Selangor crisis would never be solved.

“The only way, therefore, is for Anwar to become the Menteri Besar so that neither Khalid nor Azmin gets the job.

“I was told that negotiations are ongoing even as you read this,” he said.

It is also learned that the DAP hierarchy has agreed to this plan while it is unknown on how PAS would take it. It is also uncertain as to how the Sultan of Selangor will view this development.

In the May 2013 GE, both DAP and PAS won 15 seats each while PKR won 14, following which there were calls from PAS for the party’s candidate to be chosen as the MB.

At the same time, there were also attempts made to make Azmin as the new MB. However Khalid was eventually allowed to retain the MB post in the spirit of Pakatan camaraderie.
In recent weeks, the relationship between Azmin and Khalid deteriorated following the former’s removal from the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) board.

Many blamed Khalid for this as his move to strengthen his position for the April party polls. Khalid is expected to challenge Azmin for the deputy president’s post.

The PKNS fiasco resulted in PKR state reps and party leaders in support of Azmin to call upon the party to remove Khalid as the state MB, and replace him with their man Azmin.

Earlier this week, the party officially announced that there were no moves to remove Khalid.
However Raja Petra’s article today suggests that deals are being negotiated behind the scenes to see Anwar, who is also the state economic advisor, assume the top post in the state.

Raja Petra said a clearer picture could emerge in Anwar’s “Special Address to Malaysians” in Bandar Sunway tomorrow.

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